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Activity Boat tours




Looking for a different kind of boat trip in Westfjords? We are more than happy…

Activity Guesthouse

Litlabýli Guesthouse – Sæból Farm

Ránargata 2, 425 Flateyri

Accommodation at two old-style homes in the Westfjords We invite visitors to two different accommodation experiences…


Mamma Nína

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Austurvegur 1

You can share nicely cooked pizza and tasty breadsticks with your friends and have a nice time here.…

Private Tour

Iceland Backcountry Travel

Urðarvegur 27

Travel and hike the spectacular roads and mountains of North Western Iceland, known as the…



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Pollurinn Hot Pool

Tranquil coastal landscapes adorn the expanse of the Westfjords region in Iceland, colloquially recognized as…

Activity Swimming Pool

Hólmavík swimming pool

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Jakobínutún 3

The sports facility located in Hólmavík features both a swimming pool and a sports hall.…