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Location: Fjorubordid Restaurant, Eyrarbraut, Stokkseyri, IcelandWebsite: +354 483 1550

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At the seashore the giant lobster makes appointments with mermaids and Landlubbers. He waves his

Location: Fjorubordid Restaurant, Eyrarbraut, Stokkseyri, IcelandWebsite: +354 483 1550

Hotel Laugarbakki

0.0 Hotel Laugarbakki is a new hotel, with 56 beautiful

Location: Hótel Laugarbakki, Laugarbakki, IcelandWebsite: www.hotellaugarbakki.isPhone: +354 519 8600
Hotel Tangi Open now

Hotel Tangi


Hotel Tangi is a nice hotel in the center of the

unique place

Location: Hótel Tangi, Hafnarbyggð, Vopnafjörður Iceland, IcelandWebsite: +354 473 1203
Restaurant Fish Company Closed nowOpens at 11:30 today

Restaurant Fish Company


THE LOCATION. The Zimsen building dates back to 1884, at that time a quaint store. Over 120 years

Location: Fish Company, Reykjavík, IcelandWebsite: +354 552 5300
Hotel Skaftafell Open now

Hotel Skaftafell


Hotel Skaftafell is a family run country hotel. The hotel was founded in the year 1989. Originally

Location: Hótel Skaftafell, Öræfi, IcelandWebsite: www.hotelskaftafell.isPhone: +354 4781945
Hotel Laxarbakki Open now

Hotel Laxarbakki



is a family business owned by the husband and wife team of Brynjar

Location: Þjóðvegur, IcelandWebsite: +354 551 2783
Culiacan Mexican Grill Closed nowOpens at 11:30 today

Culiacan Mexican Grill


Culiacan Mexican Grill – A mexican restaurant at Suðurlandsbraut in Reykjavík. The restaurant

Location: Culiacan Restaurant, Suðurlandsbraut, Reykjavík, IcelandWebsite: +354 533 1033
Kopar Restaurant Closed nowOpens at 17:00 today

Kopar Restaurant

0.0 The idea Surprise and seductive are the keywords at the bar.

Location: Kopar Restaurant, Geirsgata, Reykjavík, IcelandWebsite: www.koparrestaurant.isPhone: +354354 567 2700

Heiðarbær- Camping, Sleeping bag, Restaurant, Shop and Swimming pool


Heidarbaer (Heiðarbær)

in Reykjahverfi is between Húsavík and Mývatn, 20 km away from

Location: Heiðarbær Sundlaug, IcelandWebsite: http://heidarbaer.isPhone: +354 464 3903
Hotel Hvammstangi Closed nowOpens at 08:30 today

Hotel Hvammstangi


Located in the town of Hvammstangi by Mid Fjord, this north-western Iceland property is 6 km from

Location: Hotel Hvammstangi Guesthouse, Spítalastígur, Hvammstangi, IcelandWebsite: http://hotelhvammstangi.isPhone: +354-855 1303

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