The ski resort in Skarðsdalur – Siglufjörður

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The ski resort in Skarðsdalur, Siglufirði is among the best areas in Iceland. The slopes are good and variable and the view is breath taking.  Lot of snow, 4 ski lifts the highest point is 630m. The ski area has a vertical drop of 450 meters and the longest trail is more than 1.5 km

  • The ski area consists of 4 lifts and 10 slopes, an adventure trail, hilly slopes, a bobsled track and platforms.Ski lifts:
    • Bottom lift , Doppelmayr disc lift , 430 m. long. Fall height 100 m. Capacity 480 people per hour. Built 1988.
    • T-lift , also of Doppelmayr type, 1034 m. long. Fall height 220 m. Capacity 720 people per hour. Built 1988
    • Bungu lift , disc lift of Doppelmayr type, 530 m. long. Fall height 180m. Capacity 550 people per hour. The bulge lift is at about 650 meters above sea level. Built in 2001
    • Neck lift : Doppelmayr disc lift made 320 m long. Fall height 100m. Capacity 500 people per hour. Built in 2012

    Walking area

    Facilities for cross-country skiing: A hiking trail is trodden in Hólsdalur when there is enough snow and conditions allow. But it is pointed out that a very good cross-country ski trail (Bárubraut) is in Ólafsfjörður, there is also a trodden path for the public.

  • Please see our opening hours and tariffs on our webpage : Opening hours and tariffs
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  • If you have some questions, please send us your inquiry.
  • For further information: Skiing (pavilion) (+354) 467-1806
  • Regional Director (Egill) (+354) 893-5059  –
  • Information telephone (answering machine)
  • Tel. (+354) 878-3399  
  • Information aviable every day, pls. call the answering machine
  • Employees
  • Egil Rögnvaldsson regional / deliveries
  • Odin Freyr Rögnvaldsson pusher man / lift keeping
  • Kari Freyr Hreinsson tread man / mechanic / lift keeping
  • Sigurjón Hrafn Ásgeirsson pusher man / lift keeping
  • Patrick Þórarinsson lift keeping
  • Hannibal Jonsson lifted keeping .

The ski slopes of Skarðsdalur are without a doubt among the best in Iceland. There are 4 lifts total length close to 2000 m where the highest point is 650m above see level. The fourth and highest lift measures 530 meters in length with a vertical rise of about 180 meters, and a capacity of about 550 persons per hour. The top end of the lift is over 650 meters above sea level. A fin ski lodge with good facilities for visitors.

The skiing area is equipped with flood lighting.Good quality snow, and good ski slopes with a fantastic view over Siglufjordur.

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