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Hotel Vestmannaeyjar is located in the heart of the town. 43 rooms are at the hotel, 24 rooms thereof in the new wing that was opened in summer 2014. The rooms there are more spacious. All rooms offer a flat-screen TV with 10 channels, a telephone, comfortable beds and a private bathroom with shower. Guests have access to free wireless internet inside the rooms. The front desk is at the ground floor. There are sold light beverages.

The hotel staff is always prepared to help you organize your trip to Vestmannaeyjar. Breakfast is served in the dining area. During summer the restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner offering sea food among others. The closeness to the fish industry gives the possibility to have always fresh ingredients to work with. The restaurant is open for dinner in the winter time.

After the hike, boat trip, walk around the dock or shopping is good to relax. A spa is located on the bottom floor of the hotel which offers Jacuzzi‘s and a sauna. There is also a massage parlour and a beauty saloon. –  Airport: There are daily flights between Reykjavík and Vestmannaeyjar.

The restaurant ,,Einsi kaldi” is located at the ground floor of Hotel Vestmannaeyjar in a building with a long and remarkable history. The restaurant has been open since 2011 and seats 80 people.
The chef, Einar Björn Árnason ( Einsi Kaldi ) and his staff have a great reputation for intuitive cooking and excellent service.

Restaurant:  –  Tel: (+354) 481-1415 –

  • Hotel Vestmannaeyjar is a good choice for those who want to relax and enjoy life in a beautiful nature.
  • Opening times (daily/weekly): 07:00 – 23:00 Directions
  • Parking: At or near the Hostel. Sea port: Vestmannaeyjar Harbour:4-5 daily ferries from and to Landeyjahöfn.
  • Location: The hostel is located in the village centre – in a walking distance from the harbor. – Vestmannabraut 28, 900 Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland
  • Tel. +354 481-2900   –