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The Restaurant at the Settlement Center Open now

The Restaurant at the Settlement Center


Family friendly restaurant Curiosity is not the only hunger you can satisfy at the Settlement

Location: Brákarbraut 10, Borgarnes, ÍslandWebsite: +354 437 1600

HOTEL JÖKULL - Hornafjörður


Hótel Jökull is a family-run hotel, located in the vicinity of Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest

Location: Þjóðvegur, ÍslandWebsite: http://hoteljokull.isPhone: +354 478 1400

Restaurant Salthouse - Salthúsið Veitingahús


Call it bacalao, salted cod, morue or saltfisk in Icelandic, the cod fish was once so important to

Location: Víkurbraut 62, Grindavík, ÍslandWebsite: +354 426 9700 & +354 699 2665



At Fjalladýrð Tourist Services, we provide our guests with the chance to experience traditional

Location: Möðrudalsleið, ÍslandWebsite: http://www.fjalladyrd.isPhone: +354 471 1858
Salka whale watching & Salka Restaurant Open now

Salka whale watching & Salka Restaurant


Salka is a family owned company. The family has years of experience in the tourist business: running

Location: Salka Restaurant, Garðarsbraut, Húsavík, ÍslandWebsite: www.salkawhalewatching.isPhone: +354 464 3999 & 464 2551

Nauthóll Restaurant


Iceland’s first Swan certified restaurant We have always felt that Nauthóll should have a large

Location: Nauthóll, Reykjavík, ÍslandWebsite: www.nautholl.isPhone: +354 599 6660
Stracta Hotel Open now

Stracta Hotel


Stay at Stracta Hotel Hella Stracta Hotel Hella is a home away from home, where warm and welcoming

Location: Stracta Hotel, Hella, IcelandWebsite: +354 531 8010
Heiðarbær- Camping, Sleeping bag, Restaurant, Shop and Swimming pool Open now

Heiðarbær- Camping, Sleeping bag, Restaurant, Shop and Swimming pool


Heidarbaer (Heiðarbær)

in Reykjahverfi is between Húsavík and Mývatn, 20 km away from

Location: Heiðarbær Sundlaug, IcelandWebsite: http://heidarbaer.isPhone: +354 464 3903
Nesbær – Café · Gift shop · Florist Open now

Nesbær - Café · Gift shop · Florist


Nesbær Coffee shop, bistro, crafts and artThe Nesbær coffee shop in Neskaupstaður has been a popular

Location: Nesbær, Egilsbraut, Neskaupstaður, ÍslandPhone: + 354 477 1115 and +354 894 0415
Hotel Keflavik Open now

Hotel Keflavik


Hotel Keflavik combines the luxury you have come to expect of a four star hotel with the personal

Location: Hotel Keflavik, Vatnsnesvegur, Keflavík, ÍslandWebsite: www.kef.isPhone: +354 420 7000 +354 420 7002