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Strandferdir Seatours


GJÁ Útgerð Ltd. is family company and it was

est. in

2010, In the beginning<br

The ski resort in Skarðsdalur - Siglufjörður


The ski resort in Skarðsdalur, Siglufirði is among the best areas in Iceland. The slopes are good

Nauthóll Restaurant


Iceland’s first Swan certified restaurant We have always felt that Nauthóll should have a large

Location: Nauthóll, Reykjavík, ÍslandWebsite: www.nautholl.isPhone: +354 599 6660

Mountain Taxi - Iceland


Mountain Taxi was established 1995 as one of the country’s first adventure tour companies.  Being

Location: Skeiðarás 10, Garðabær, ÍslandWebsite: www.mountaintaxi.isPhone: (+354) 544-5252

Nupar Cottages


Welcome to Nupar Cottages There are 8 beautiful cottages at Nupar. They are placed right outside

Location: Nupar cottages, ÍslandWebsite: www.nupar.isPhone: +354 857-2040

The Bobby Fischer Center


Welcome to the Bobby Fischer Center. It houses memorabilia of the 11th World Chess Champion BOBBY

Location: Bobby Fischer Center, Austurvegur, Selfoss, ÍslandWebsite: www.fischersetur.isPhone: (00354) 894 1275

Arctic Comfort Hotel


The hotel offers large (20-27 m2) single, double and triple rooms, as well as studio rooms. All

Location: Arctic Comfort Hotel, Síðumúli, Reykjavík, ÍslandWebsite: www.arcticcomforthotel.isPhone: +354 588 5588, fax: +354 588 5582

Camping Cars - Car rental


Think about your vacation. What better way to travel? You can stop and make camp whenever and

Location: Njarðvíkurbraut 1, Keflavík, ÍslandWebsite: www.campingcars.isPhone: +354 422 7770

Nes in Reykholtsdalur, Accommodation, Golf course and Restaurant


The farm Nes in Reykholtsdalur was established in 1937. It is located in the middle of the valley

Location: Nes Guesthouse, Hálsasveitarvegur, ÍslandWebsite: https://nesreykholt.is/home/Phone: +354 435 1472 & +354 893 3889