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Restaurant Salthouse – Salthúsið Veitingahús
Restaurant Salthouse – Salthúsið Veitingahús
Call it bacalao, salted cod, morue or saltfisk in Icelandic, the cod fish was once so important to Iceland’s economy that it´s featured prominently on the Icelandic Coat of Arms. Salthúsið (The House of Bacalao) Restaurant of Grindavik is the first restaurant in Iceland specialising in the
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Suðurhvoll , 871 Vík
We have for rent seven cozy cottages with everything you need for a pleasant stay in a peaceful area. The location is perfect for those who want to spent couple of days exploring the South part of Iceland. For example only 2,5 hours drive to the famous Jökulsárlón and only 2 hours drive to
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