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Vogar, 660 Mývatn

Daddi‘s Pizza is a small, family-run pizzeria, located by lake Mývatn, founded in 2009. The…

Swimming Pool

Stefánslaug Swimming Pool


Miðstræti 15

Stefánslaug Swimming Pool is an outstanding outdoor swimming pool with hot tubs, sauna and two…

Olís Reykjanesbær


Vatnsnesvegur 16

Think green when travelling in Iceland When driving in Iceland you will find numerous Olís…


Ystafell Transportation Museum

Ystafell Transportation Museum

The transportation museum at Ystafell was established by Ingólfur Kristjánsson and Kristbjörg Jónsdóttir in 1998.…

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Glacier Paradise

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Samkomuhúsið á Stapa

Unleash Your Sense of Adventure with Glacier Paradise: The Best Way to Experience Snæfellsjökull Glacier…



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Mjóeyri Travel Service is a small family business, owned and operated by husband and wife,…


Systragil Camping Site

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The camping site is located at Hróarsstaðir farm in the valley of Fnjóskadalur in the county of Suður-Þingeyjarsýsla, North…


Brekka í Lóni

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Brekka í Lóni Farm Stay is located 30 km east of Höfn. Free WiFi access…

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Stóra Ásgeirsá Farm Stay

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Stóra-Ásgeirsá Farm Stay

Experience the authentic, Icelandic farm life at Stóra-Ásgeirsá Farm Stay accommodation. With friendly farm animals…

Olís – Álfabakki


Álfabakki 2

Think green when travelling in Iceland When driving in Iceland you will find numerous Olís…

Activity Park

Reykjadalur Ölfus

Reykjadalur, Ölfus

Reykjadalur which some call Reykjadalur but they are more than one and more than two.…

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Handknitting Association of Iceland

Skólavörðustígur 19 and Borgartún 31

The Icelandic Sweater The lopi sweater, with its characteristic circular yoke and patterned borders, has…

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Iceland Backcountry Travel

Urðarvegur 27

Travel and hike the spectacular roads and mountains of North Western Iceland, known as the…

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Egilsbraut 5

Nesbær cafe is in Neskaupstaður. It has been a popular place for a moment of…


Nýpugarðar – Guesthouse

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Nýpugarðar Guesthouse is a charming and cozy establishment nestled in the picturesque South of Iceland,…


Mið-Hvoll Cottages

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Suðurhvoli , 871 Vík – Iceland

We have for rent seven cozy cottages with everything you need for a pleasant stay…