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Húsatóftir 2a

The guesthouse houses 20 people in two person rooms that all include a bathroom with…


Þorlákshafn Information Center

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Interesting places Places of interest in the Municipality of Ölfus The municipality of Ölfus is…

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Þorlákshafn Sports Center – Ölfus

Þorlákshöfn has a 25 meter swimming pool, two hot tubs, a wading pool, two water…

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Reykjadalur Ölfus

Reykjadalur, Ölfus

Reykjadalur which some call Reykjadalur but they are more than one and more than two.…


Þorlákskirkja Þorlákshöfn – Ölfus

Þorlákskirkja was consecrated by the Bishop of Iceland, Mr. Pétur Sigurgeirsson, on July 28, 1985.…

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Hafnarnes and Hafnarnes lighthouse – Ölfus

Hafnarnes is south of the settlement in Þorlákshöfn. There is a beautiful outdoor recreation area where…

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Selvogur, Strandarkirkja, Ölfus

Strandakirkja, Selvogi

Strandarkirkja served as the parish church of the community of Selvogur. In the early days…

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Hali Country Hotel

Hali Contry Hotel

Hali Country Hotel is located, on the farm Hali in the South East of Iceland.…


The Icelandic Wartime Museum



Guests of the Icelandic Wartime Museum go back about 70 years, to the 1940’s, the…


The French Museum


Hafnargata 12

The avant-garde exhibition in The French Museum in Fáskrúðsfjörður is the newest of Fjarðabyggð’s museums and…


The East Icelandic Maritime Museum


Strandgata 39b

Many articles related to fishing and the processing of marine products are displayed in this…

swimming pool

Stöðvarfjörður swimming pool



In the village of Stöðvarfjörður you will find a beautiful but small outdoor pool, located right by the…

swimming pool

Stefánslaug Swimming Pool


Miðstræti 15

Stefánslaug Swimming Pool is an outstanding outdoor swimming pool with hot tubs, sauna and two…

swimming pool

Eskifjörður Swimming Pool

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Dalbraut 3a

The Eskifjörður Swimming Pool offers a superb facility, making the trip to the pool fun…

swimming pool

Fáskrúðsfjörður swimming pool


Skólavegur 39

Fáskrúðsfjörður Swimming Pool is a 12,5 meters long indoor swimming pool with a outdoor hot tub.…

Horse rental


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Skorrastað 4, 740 Norðfjörður

The Icelandic horse is a breed of horse developed in Iceland.  Icelandic horses are long-lived and hardy. In their…