• Camping Cars – Car rental

    Camping Cars – Car rental

    Njardarbraut 1k, 260 Keflavik

    Our business is operated from the Keflavik Airport, and our camping cars include everything you need to start your Icelandic…

  • Hotel Keflavik

    Hotel Keflavik

    Vatnsnesvegur 12-14, 230 Keflavik

    Hotel Keflavik combines the luxury you have come to expect of a four star hotel with the personal feel of…

  • Home Accommodation – Heimagisting Kristínar

    Home Accommodation – Heimagisting Kristínar

    Grindavík, Norðurhópi 28. IS - Iceland

    Available two rooms for short-stay visitors, in Grindvík. Only 5 min driving to the Blue Lagoon, 20 min to the…

  • — Hotel Grásteinn —  Only 5 minutes from Keflavik airport !

    — Hotel Grásteinn — Only 5 minutes from Keflavik airport !

    Bolafótur 11, 260 Rekjanesbær

    Hótel Greystone is conveniently located within a five minutes drive from the Keflavík International Airport. We are also located within…

  • Bed & Breakfast Keflavik Airport

    Bed & Breakfast Keflavik Airport

    Valhallarbraut 761, 235 Reykjanesbær

    Welcome to our Bed & Breakfast which is located next to Keflavik International Airport in Iceland. On your visit to…

  • JS Camper Rental

    JS Camper Rental

    Klettatröð 6, 235 Reykjanesbæ

    S campers has been in business since 1993. Currently we have over 40 4X4 pickup´s with campers for rent. We…

  • Icelandair Hotel, Keflavik

    Icelandair Hotel, Keflavik

    Hafnargata 57

    Icelandair Hotel in Keflavik (formerly Flughotel) is a great destination for exploring and experiencing the fabulous attractions and vistas available…