• Ljómalind farmers market

    Ljómalind farmers market

    Brúartorgi 4, 310 Borgarnesi

    Ljómalind is a farmers market in West Iceland, in Borgarnes. The farmers market is unique home-made produce market, for example craft and delicacy.  You…

  • ÓB -Fuel / Self service – Stykkishólmur

    ÓB -Fuel / Self service – Stykkishólmur


    ÓB -Fuel / Self service – AÐALGÖTU 25 – 340 STYKKISHÓLMI

  • Olís – Akranes (Esjubraut)

    Olís – Akranes (Esjubraut)

    Esjubraut 45, 300 Akranes

    Opening hours; mondays-thursdays kl. 07:30-23:30 fridays og saturdays kl. 07:00-04:00 sundays kl. 09:00-23:30   Fuels: 95 okt bensin Diesel Colored…

  • Goats in Iceland – Háafell farm

    Goats in Iceland – Háafell farm


    We would like to inspire you to come for a visit and see for yourselves how wonderful animals the goats…

  • Geirabakarí (bakery)

    Geirabakarí (bakery)

    Digranesgata 6, 310 Borgarnes

    Geirabakarí is a family run bakery located in Borgarnes. Borgarnes is in south west of Iceland, only an hour away…

  • Krónan – Akranes

    Krónan – Akranes

    Dalbraut 1, 300 Akranes

    Krónan is a low cost supermarket which offers a high variety of products for your daily needs, such as meat,…

  • Hagkaup | Borgarnes

    Hagkaup | Borgarnes

    Digranesgötu 6, 310 Borgarnes

    Hagkaup is a leading retailer offering a wide range of products to meet the daily needs of customers with regard…