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Reykjavik city and area

  • Nordic Campers Featured

    Nordic Campers

    Njarðarbraut 11 260 Reykjanesbær
    We offer wide range of affordable rental cars ranging from economical city cars and family cars which are perfect to…
  • GO Car Rental Featured

    GO Car Rental

    Helluhraun 4, 220 Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
    Who are we ?  We are travelers like you Go Car Rental is a local owned business and was established…
  • Taxi Day Tours – Tour Operators Featured

    Taxi Day Tours – Tour Operators

    Hreyfill, one of lceland’s oldest, best-known companies, was formed in 1943 as a traditional taxi service. Hreyfill sets high standards…

    Skeiðarás 10, 210 Garðabær, Iceland
    - Mountain Taxi was established 1995 as one of the country’s first adventure tour companies.  Being the Iceland travel and adventure…
  • Auto Rental – Reykjavik

    AutoRental car rental, was founded by two brothers in 2012 in Reykjavik Iceland. AutoRental is a family owned and operated,…
  • REYcarrental

    ReyCarRental is the cheapest car rental service you’ll find in Iceland. We offer a Toyota Carina 1997 model with full of…

    Vatnsmýrarvegur 10, 101 Reykjavík
    Our mission is to provide great service with clear prices offers you the best rates with the world’s leading…
  • ElectriCARental

    Auðbrekku 4, 200 Kópavogur - Iceland
    About us Thanks for your visit to our website, we at ElectriCARental are happy to be the first to offer…
  • Nordic Car Rental

    Njarðarbraut 11 260 Reykjanesbær
    ABOUT NORDIC CAR RENTAL Vehicle selection Nordic Car Rental is located in the center of Reykjavik, Iceland. We offer wide…
  • City Car Rental

    Njarðarbraut 11 260 Reykjanesbær
    ABOUT CITY CAR RENTAL Vehicle selection City Car Rental is located nearby the Keflavik airport in Iceland. We offer wide…