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  • Hotel Tangi – Vopnafjörður Featured

    Hotel Tangi – Vopnafjörður

    Hafnarbyggð 17, Vopnafjörður
    Hotel Tangi is a nice hotel in the center of the unique place Vopnafjörður The Hotel offer guests 4 spacious…
  • Vopnafjörður, the village in east Iceland Featured

    Vopnafjörður, the village in east Iceland

    Hafnarbyggd 4a 690 Vopnafjordur
    Vopnafjörður is a wide fjord separating the headlands of Digranes and Kollumuli. The fjord joins two large bays on both…
  • Hvammsgerði – Bed and Breakfast

    Hvammsgerði, 690 Vopnafjörður
    Hvammsgerði - Bed and breakfast  is a nice accommodation in East Iceland.  You can experience country living in Vopnafjörður down by…
  • Syðri Vík – Vopnafjörður

    Syðri Vík - Vopnafjörður
    Syðri Vík             - Two summerhouses             - Guesthouse             - Fishing in trout area of the Hofsá             -…
  • Farmers Guesthouse and campground Ásbrandsstaðir

    Vopnafjörður, Ásbrandstaðir, Iceland
    -    Summerhouse/guesthouse -    Campground area -    Peaceful -    Beautiful surrounds -    Historical farm -    Variety of walking trails                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -    5…
  • Sireksstadir Farm Holiday

    Vopnafjörður, Síreksstaðir Iceland
    Offering a children's playground and terrace, Sireksstadir Farm Holiday is set in Vopnafjörður, 20km from the village. Guests can enjoy…
  • Selárdalur – Swimming Pool

    N65° 48' 7.616
    The swimming pool was build in Summer, 1949 by members of Einherja, a young men’s group in Vopnafjörður. They worked…
  • Campground in Vopnafjörður

    N65° 45' 15.313
    Campground in Vopnafjörður Vopnafjordur Campground is located off Lonabraut, in the hills above the school, with beautiful views of the…
  • Deildarfell og Þverárgil (Thverargil), hiking

    Deildarfell og Þverárgil (Thverargil), hiking nearby Vopnafjörður.
  • Fuglabjarganes – hiking

    Fuglabjarganes - hiking nearby Vopnafjörður
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