• The Icelandic Fish and Chips Wagon in Reykjavik Centre

    The Icelandic Fish and Chips Wagon in Reykjavik Centre


    We provide Icelandic Meat Soup. Creamy Fish Soup with prawns and salmon. Also Vegetable Soup The Soup Wagon is a great wagon…

  • Fish House | Bar & Grill

    Fish House | Bar & Grill

    Hafnargata 6,  240 Grindavík

    Bar & Grill in the heart of the fishing village Grindavik. Come and enjoy our locally caught fish, something from our…

  • Hotel Keflavik

    Hotel Keflavik

    Vatnsnesvegur 12-14, 230 Keflavik

    Hotel Keflavik combines the luxury you have come to expect of a four star hotel with the personal feel of…

  • Olís Keflavík

    Olís Keflavík

    Vatnsnesvegur 16, Keflavík

    Olís Keflavík BÁSINN – VATNSNESVEGI 16, 230 REYKJANESBÆ Phone: 421-3755 Fax: 421-7455 Email: basinn@olis.is Manager: Ásgeir Steinarsson Mobile: +354 863-3741 Opening…

  • Restaurant Salthouse –  Salthúsið Veitingahús

    Restaurant Salthouse – Salthúsið Veitingahús

    Stamphólsvegur 2, 240 Grindavík

    Call it bacalao, salted cod, morue or saltfisk in Icelandic, the cod fish was once so important to Iceland’s economy…

  • Langbest – Restaurnat. Nearby Keflavik airport

    Langbest – Restaurnat. Nearby Keflavik airport

    Keilisbraut 771

    at the old NATO base at Keilisbraut 771. We offer wide variety of courses such as pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, salads…

  • Gamla Pósthúsið – Restaurant & Bar

    Gamla Pósthúsið – Restaurant & Bar

    Tjarnargata 26, Vogum

    After your arrive to Keflavik and on the way to Reykjavik it is perfect to stop in Vogar at Gamla…

  • Icelandair Hotel, Keflavik

    Icelandair Hotel, Keflavik

    Hafnargata 57

    Icelandair Hotel in Keflavik (formerly Flughotel) is a great destination for exploring and experiencing the fabulous attractions and vistas available…