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  • The Icelandic Fish and Chips Wagon in Reykjavik Centre Featured

    The Icelandic Fish and Chips Wagon in Reykjavik Centre

    The Icelandic Fish and Chips Wagon The fish-and-chips wagons are located in Maedragardur and also in Geirsgata in Reykjavik With…
  • Fish House | Bar & Grill Featured

    Fish House | Bar & Grill

    Hafnargata 6,  240 Grindavík
    . Bar & Grill in the heart of the fishing village Grindavik. Come and enjoy our locally caught fish, something from…
  • Hotel Keflavik Featured

    Hotel Keflavik

    Vatnsnesvegur 12-14, 230 Keflavik
    Hotel Keflavik combines the luxury you have come to expect of a four star hotel with the personal feel of…
  • Olís Keflavík

    Vatnsnesvegur 16, Keflavík
    Olís Keflavík BÁSINN - VATNSNESVEGI 16, 230 REYKJANESBÆ Phone: 421-3755 Fax: 421-7455 Email: Manager: Ásgeir Steinarsson Mobile: +354 863-3741  …
  • Restaurant Salthouse – Salthúsið Veitingahús

    Stamphólsvegur 2, 240 Grindavík
    Call it bacalao, salted cod, morue or saltfisk in Icelandic, the cod fish was once so important to Iceland's economy…
  • Langbest – Restaurnat. Nearby Keflavik airport

    Keilisbraut 771
    - At the old NATO  - USA navy base at Keilisbraut 771, Ásbrú. -    ( The old Keflavik- USA- navy…
  • Gamla Pósthúsið – Restaurant & Bar

    Tjarnargata 26, Vogum
      After your arrive to Keflavik and on the way to Reykjavik, only 15 minutes from the airport, it is…
  • Icelandair Hotel, Keflavik

    Hafnargata 57
    Icelandair Hotel in Keflavik (formerly Flughotel) is a great destination for exploring and experiencing the fabulous attractions and vistas available…