• Hella Horse Rental &  Guesthouse Laufskálar

    Hella Horse Rental & Guesthouse Laufskálar

    Suðurlandsvegur, Hella

    Hella Horse Rental was founded in 2014, owned by the couple Ingi Hlynur and Sigurborg. Riding has always been a…

  • Sea Side Cottages

    Sea Side Cottages

    Eyrargötu 37a

    Welcome to Sea Side Cottages. We offer two beautiful and well equipped self catering cottages by the Atlantic ocean. We…

  • Guesthouse Frumskogar

    Guesthouse Frumskogar

    Frumskógar 3, 810 Hveragerði

    Sleep and stay in the heart of geothermal Iceland Located in the charming town of Hveragerði, in the very heart of…

  • Dyrholaey – Riding tours

    Dyrholaey – Riding tours


    Riding tours We offer riding tours on the famous black sand beach and in the local area. We offer tours…

  • Hella – the village

    Hella – the village

    850 Hella

      Hella the village  – Inhabitants in Rangárþing ytra (western Rangárþing) are 1518 (1st of January 2013). The borders of…

  • Þríhyrningur (Thríhyrningur) – Hiking

    Þríhyrningur (Thríhyrningur) – Hiking

    63° 47′ 6″ N, 19° 58′ 12″ W

    Þríhyrningur (Thríhyrningur) or ‘Three Peaks Mountain’ is a 678m high mountain and that gives a very good overview of the…

  • Ytri Rangá – River in Hella

    Ytri Rangá – River in Hella

    Útskálum 4, 850 Hella

    Ytri-Rangá is a river in Hella, popular for salmon fishing. It is over 55 kilometres (34 mi) long, rising north of Hekla,…

  • Landmannalaugar



      Landmannalaugar is a place in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve in the Highlands of Iceland. It is at the edge…

  • Hjálparfoss Waterfall

    Hjálparfoss Waterfall

    N64°06.877 W19°51.233

    Hjalparfoss ; meaning the “helping falls”  was a pretty unique double waterfall that joined at its base into a very…

  • Hekla Volcano

    Hekla Volcano

    N63° 58' 59.767 W19° 42' 24.306

    Hekla, reaching 1,491 m above sea level, is one of the most famous volcanoes in the world and has been…

  • Þjófafoss (Thjofafoss) – Waterfall in Þjórsá (Thjorsa) river

    Þjófafoss (Thjofafoss) – Waterfall in Þjórsá (Thjorsa) river

    64.056573 -19.866328

    Þjófafoss (Thjofafoss), waterfall is located in the river Þjórsá (Thjorsa) on the east side of the Merkurhraun lava fields in the south…

  • Hella swimming pool and gym

    Hella swimming pool and gym

    Útskálum 4, 850 Hella

    The thermal pool in Hella is 25 x 11 meters and and suitable for competitions. Steambath and tanning area is…