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  • Asgard Beyond Featured

    Asgard Beyond

    Stangarhylur 3, Reykjavík
    Asgard-Beyond is an Icelandic mountain guiding company. As such, we offer quality-guiding services for various outdoor activities. Skiing, ice climbing,…
  • The municipality Fljótsdalshérað Featured

    The municipality Fljótsdalshérað

    Lyngás 12, 700 Egilsstaðir
    The municipality Fljótsdalshérað was created in 2004 when the municipalities in the area merged. The urban districts are Egilsstaðir and…
  • Egilsstaðir – Visitor Center Egilsstaðastofa Featured

    Egilsstaðir – Visitor Center Egilsstaðastofa

    Kaupvangur 17, Egilsstaðir
    Visitor Center Egilsstaðastofa - Our home is your home The time never stands still in Egilsstaðir. The whole year is…
  • Syðri Vík – Vopnafjörður

    Syðri Vík - Vopnafjörður
    Syðri Vík             - Two summerhouses             - Guesthouse             - Fishing in trout area of the Hofsá             -…
  • Sláturhúsið – The Slaughterhouse / Culture Center Featured

    Sláturhúsið – The Slaughterhouse / Culture Center

    Sláturhúsið, Culture Center in Egilsstaðir Sláturhúsið (The Slaughterhouse) is the home of MMF culture center in Egilsstadir. Sláturhúsið has as…
  • Selárdalur – Swimming Pool

    N65° 48' 7.616
    The swimming pool was build in Summer, 1949 by members of Einherja, a young men’s group in Vopnafjörður. They worked…
  • Campground in Vopnafjörður

    N65° 45' 15.313
    Campground in Vopnafjörður Vopnafjordur Campground is located off Lonabraut, in the hills above the school, with beautiful views of the…
  • Deildarfell og Þverárgil (Thverargil), hiking

    Deildarfell og Þverárgil (Thverargil), hiking nearby Vopnafjörður.
  • Fuglabjarganes – hiking

    Fuglabjarganes - hiking nearby Vopnafjörður
  • Drangsnes and Skjólfjörur – Hiking (Nearby Vopnafjörður)

    Drangsnes and Skjólfjörur - Hiking nearby Vopnafjörður.
  • Hofsborgartunga – Hiking