• Asgard Beyond

    Asgard Beyond

    Stangarhylur 3, Reykjavík

    Asgard-Beyond is an Icelandic mountain guiding company. As such, we offer quality-guiding services for various outdoor activities. Skiing, ice climbing,…

  • The municipality Fljótsdalshérað

    The municipality Fljótsdalshérað

    Lyngás 12, 700 Egilsstaðir

    The municipality Fljótsdalshérað was created in 2004 when the municipalities in the area merged. The urban districts are Egilsstaðir and…

  • Egilsstaðir – Visitor Center Egilsstaðastofa

    Egilsstaðir – Visitor Center Egilsstaðastofa

    Kaupvangur 17, Egilsstaðir

    Vibrant society in a pleasant environment Egilsstaðir is a town in east Iceland on the banks of Lagarfljót river. The…

  • Syðri Vík –  Vopnafjörður

    Syðri Vík – Vopnafjörður

    Syðri Vík - Vopnafjörður

    Syðri Vík             – Two summerhouses             – Guesthouse             – Fishing in trout area of the Hofsá             –…

  • Sláturhúsið – The Slaughterhouse / Culture Center

    Sláturhúsið – The Slaughterhouse / Culture Center


    Sláturhúsið, culture center in Egilsstaðir Sláturhúsið (The Slaughterhouse) is the home of MMF culture center in Egilsstadir. Sláturhúsið has as…

  • Selárdalur – Swimming Pool

    Selárdalur – Swimming Pool

    N65° 48' 7.616

    Selárdalur Swimming Pool  The swimming pool is 3.5 km. from road 85 on the way to Bakkafjörður, 12 km. from…

  • Campground in Vopnafjörður

    Campground in Vopnafjörður

    N65° 45' 15.313

    Campground in Vopnafjörður Vopnafjordur Campground is located off Lonabraut, in the hills above the school, with beautiful views of the…

  • Deildarfell og Þverárgil (Thverargil), hiking

    Deildarfell og Þverárgil (Thverargil), hiking


    Deildarfell og Þverárgil (Thverargil), hiking nearby Vopnafjörður.

  • Fuglabjarganes – hiking

    Fuglabjarganes – hiking


    Fuglabjarganes – hiking nearby Vopnafjörður

  • Drangsnes and Skjólfjörur – Hiking (Nearby Vopnafjörður)

    Drangsnes and Skjólfjörur – Hiking (Nearby Vopnafjörður)


    Drangsnes and Skjólfjörur – Hiking nearby Vopnafjörður.

  • Hofsborgartunga – Hiking

    Hofsborgartunga – Hiking