Capital and area

  • Nordic Campers

    Nordic Campers

    Njarðarbraut 11 260 Reykjanesbær

    We offer wide range of affordable rental cars ranging from economical city cars and family cars which are perfect to…

  • The Icelandic Fish and Chips Wagon in Reykjavik Centre

    The Icelandic Fish and Chips Wagon in Reykjavik Centre


    We provide Icelandic Meat Soup. Creamy Fish Soup with prawns and salmon. Also Vegetable Soup The Soup Wagon is a great wagon…

  • Íshestar – Horse rental and tours

    Íshestar – Horse rental and tours

    Sörlaskeið 26, 220 Hafnafjörður

    MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE We are a horseback riding tour operator who has been offering horseback riding tours…

  • The Lava Tunnel

    The Lava Tunnel

    Suðurlandsbraut 46, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland

    The Lava Tunnel is operated by Raufarhóll ltd. Shareholders include companies that have vast experience of working in tourism in…

  • Asgard Beyond

    Asgard Beyond

    Stangarhylur 3, Reykjavík

    Asgard-Beyond is an Icelandic mountain guiding company. As such, we offer quality-guiding services for various outdoor activities. Skiing, ice climbing,…

  • Reykjavik Helecopters

    Reykjavik Helecopters

    Reykjavík airport

    Reykjavik Helicopters is Iceland’s Premium Helicopter Tour Provider. The fleet is made up of the most modern and meticulously maintained…

  • Asgard Beyond

    Asgard Beyond

    Stangarhylur 3, 110 Reykjavík

    WHAT IS ASGARD? Asgard-Beyond is a professional guiding company that focuses day trips from Reykjavik, Iceland, multi day trips and custom made…



    Skeiðarás 10, 210 Garðabær, Iceland

    Mountain Taxi was established 1995 as one of the country’s first adventure tour companies.  Being the Iceland travel and adventure experts,…

  • Handknitting Association of Iceland

    Handknitting Association of Iceland

    Skólavörðustígur 19, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

    The Icelandic Sweater  The lopi sweater, with its characteristic circular yoke and patterned borders, has come to symbolise Iceland far…

  • AURORA REYKJAVÍK​ Northern Lights Center

    AURORA REYKJAVÍK​ Northern Lights Center

    Grandagarður 2, 101 Reykjavík

    Take a walk through history and learn how people and cultures around the world saw the Northern Lights via legends…

  • Snorkeling Silfra Day Tour

    Snorkeling Silfra Day Tour

    Hólmaslóð 2, 101 Reykjavík

    SNORKELLING SILFRA IS LIQUID MEDITATION ICELAND-STYLE You don’t need to be a certified diver in order to experience water at…

  • Whales of Iceland

    Whales of Iceland

    Fiskislóð 23-25

    Whales of Iceland is the largest whale exhibition in Europe (and perhaps even the world), where guests can learn about…